Sensors for your mobile Smartphone Applications

Sport_Sensors_1We develop micro-sensor systems that enhance the function of mobile phones, tablets and embedded systems: energy efficient, extremely small and easy to use. Expand your system with novel sensors for acceleration, illuminance, ECG, muscle activity or with special force sensors.

EvoSense_Sensoren für Apps

For in Motion Software & Sports Technology GmbH we have developed a wireless sensor system for the acquisition of various kinematic and kinetic parameters in rowing. The sensors communicate wirelessly with the “Rowing in Motion App” for iOS and Android. The app visually and acoustically displays the trainers, coaches and athletes the information. The system makes sport data available for mobile, cloud-based analysis in the Rowing in Motion Analytics software. The system works continuously in harsh environments (IP67) and is a perfect mobile sensor hub for the Internet of Things (IoT). For more information, e.g. videos of use, can be found on the website of Rowing in Motion.