Social Commitment

Cooperation in funded high-tech projects

In addition to the implementation of your ideas we are professional partner in socially relevant, publicly funded projects. We have vast experience in funding of research and development activities. We are partner in collaborative funding projects of BmBF and Hessenagentur. We are associated partner of TU Darmstadt for DFG projects. We are partner of small and medium-sized enterprises which are supported by BWI within ZIM-Projects.

Local activities and funding of socially relevant projects

In addition to our cooperation in national and international partners in clinical research and application we contribute to socially relevant projects with large social and economic impact. EvoSense promotes local developments – we open parts of our development for students to contribute to our ideas and to implement their own ideas. We also offer the possibility to use parts of our infrastructure and the know-how of our well-trained engineers for their and your own ideas.