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Smallest force sensors for medical applications and instruments

Fotografie eines Mikro-Kraftvektorsensors vor einer Ameise

Fotografie eines Mikro-Kraftvektorsensors vor einer Ameise

We develop the currently smallest known micro-force sensors together with TU Darmstadt. Additionally to the measurement of the force amplitude we enable the measurement of the direction of force – so that these sensors represent extremely small multi-axis force sensors. Together with the Technische University Darmstadt these sensors are integrated to produced tactile guide wires for cardiac catheterization. We want to expand the application fields of these sensors and look forward to your challenges. We develop efficient solutions for your requirements in the area of force measurement.

Sensors for your mobile Smartphone Applications

Sport_Sensors_1We develop micro-sensor systems that enhance the function of mobile phones, tablets and embedded systems: energy efficient, extremely small and easy to use. Expand your system with novel sensors for acceleration, illuminance, ECG, muscle activity or with special force sensors.

EvoSense_Sensoren für Apps

For in Motion Software & Sports Technology GmbH we have developed a wireless sensor system for the acquisition of various kinematic and kinetic parameters in rowing. The sensors communicate wirelessly with the “Rowing in Motion App” for iOS and Android. The app visually and acoustically displays the trainers, coaches and athletes the information. The system makes sport data available for mobile, cloud-based analysis in the Rowing in Motion Analytics software. The system works continuously in harsh environments (IP67) and is a perfect mobile sensor hub for the Internet of Things (IoT). For more information, e.g. videos of use, can be found on the website of Rowing in Motion.

Wireless EMG sensors

EMG_Curve_1We have developed mini sized sensors to measure muscle activity by electromyography. You are interested to apply them into your system or couple it to your smartphone? Contact us! For users the systems are now available from our customers. We will gladly arrange the contact.

Implantable pressure sensors and medical pressure measurement

We design new pressure sensors for permanent implants. The high durability and biocompatible sensor design, coupled with a highly integrated, wireless power and signal transmission is of particular relevance. We have solutions for implementation within these particularly difficult measurement environments.
For temporary application within the body using catheters we integrate miniature pressure sensors. Pressure sensors with edge lengths of 0.15 to 1 mm are standard.
For especially small and high quality sensors, we work with other technology partners for extreme miniaturization utilizing novel nanotechnology.

Electronics Design and Algorithms

For sensor read-out and to implement control systems, we develop electronic circuits and algorithms. We have in-house electronic circuit design and our own printed circuit production for rapid prototyping and customized solutions.

Micro- and Mechatronic Components

We design and integrate special micro-mechanical components, such as sensors, actuators and special components. For production, we are working closely with cooperation partners: For fast implementation we work closely with the local university, for medical components and product components we have work with closely associated certified partners. Our production technologies include milling, turning, large-scale and micro laser processing, 3D plastic and metal printing, silicon dry and wet etching processes and many more.

System Design

Based on sophisticated sensors we provide new measurement and mechatronic systems – either with wired or wireless interface according to your needs and our systems interfaces. We either put your ideas into practice or we analyze your basic requirement and develop custom solutions in hard- and software.

To innovate current systems, we provide creative revision to develop alternative technical solutions with the potential to achieve your own patent protection.

Multi-Axis Force and Force- / Torque sensors with Wireless Interface

For our customers we design and produce multi-axis force sensors and torque sensors. Depending on you pecific requirements – e.g.depending on the measuring range, the allowable size and the lot size – we provide solutions with suitable technologies. For example, we develop and manufacture custom 3-axis force sensors with a measuring range between 1 mN in silicon technology and up to 3.000 N with strain gauge technology. We deliver your sensor with ultra robust wired analog or digital interface, or, in particular, with wireless interface and the appropriate power management (battery, charging, etc.) for autonomoues usege.. You are looking for a special force and / or torque sensor for your system? Talk to us and let us convince you!